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3 Best beaches to visit in South Sri Lanka

You are searching for the best beaches in Sri Lanka? Our trip to Sri Lanka was one of the most random trips ever! Initially we planned to go to Nepal – to see Everest Mountain, but as most of the times this year – COVID changed our plans and due to increasing numbers in Nepal we switched to Sri Lanka when there was only 1 day left. (How to get prepared in 1 day you can read in our article)

With lack of time and a huge necessity for an internet we’ve decided that we will go to the South of the island and enjoy the beach life. Keep in mind we are not huge fans of beaches or sunbathing so expectations were very low. Maybe this is why we fall in love! The beaches in South Sri Lanka were the most entertaining and beautiful beaches we’ve ever been and we’ve visited Zanzibar, Croatia, Fuerteventura and all the other amazing places! So, our small list of the best beaches out here.

1. Jungle beach 

Situated just near the Galle city Jungle beach is the first destination locals in Galle will offer to you. And not without a reason. This beach is situated on the road to the Japanese Peace Pagoda and is not that easy to find. You will need to go directly through jungle with not clearly marked paths to find final steps directly to the real jungle beach. Usually it is quite busy with tourists and even locals enjoying several things you can do in here:
1. Snorkelling – the day we went there, the beach was full of broken corals so, not that far away from here you can get nice views while snorkelling.
2. Enjoying the water – the beach is not that big but there is enough place to jump over the waves or swim around.
3. Take pictures – it is as popular as the other activities since the surroundings just take your breath away. !!! Just be careful with bags you leave on the beach since monkeys living in these jungles are very smart.   

2. Mirissa beach 

If you ask us – this is the best beach of all!! It is the most entertaining for sure. You can stay here for a week and still have things to do – from snorkelling to watching beautiful sunsets, from bars to Coconut hill, from surfing lessons to jumping through very high waves. The list goes on and on and even though the city around is not as nice as probably around the other beaches, this one just gets stuck in your mind due to all the attractions you have.

3. Unawatuna beach

One of the most popular beaches out here, however the water gets deep quite quickly so you can’t come here with kids, unless they are really good with swimming. Despite this fact the livelihood around Unawatuna beach is very welcoming, with amazing bars and places to eat, so tourists just love this place! You can also take snorkelling or diving trips from here, what is highly popular among the people.

These are our experiences on these beaches. Have you been there or anywhere else? Please, share – we want to bring the knowledge to the ones who are planning their trips!

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