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Travel Budget to visit Dubai – cost of 5 days trip!

Visit Dubai

You think traveling to Dubai need a huge travel budget? Not really! Dubai is like a mystery land with Lamborghini cars, extremely rich people and an enormous number of skyscrapers. BUT Dubai is expensive only if you want this! We came to Dubai with the same attitude that it is going to be expensive as hell but in 5.5 days we spent 1365.97 eur for 2 people [including flights and quick PCR tests]. So, not the worst case scenario, for sure but to make it more clear, we are sharing more tips and tricks and our budget for Dubai trip.

Flights …………. 538.26 euros
Hotel…………… 407.47 euros
Metro…………… 26.4 euros
Activities………. 21.84 euros
Food & Drinks… 172 euros
PCR…………… 186 euros
Sim Card……… 14 euros
TOTAL………… 1365.97 euros [for 2 human beings]

FLIGHTS – 538.26 euros

Since we had no choices and flights are expensive at the moment, we took Finnair flights through the night from Lithuania to Dubai [with a transfer in Helsinki] and took a lottery if PCR’s are going to be negative. Good thing with Finnair, you can reschedule almost to the last day, they really provide all the necessary insurance for the difficult situation we have in the world right now and they give you blueberry juices on board!

Lucky us, the second flight was quite empty and we had 3 place for two of us so slept quite nice.

HOTEL – 407.47 euros

We lived in Time Oak hotel [which we would not recommend] and it was not the best choice for both – the hotel is old and almost collapsing and everything is far away. Have in mind that Dubai is huge and going from A to B may seem as a very close path but it is most probably not. Therefore, the best places to live would be either around Marina Bay or around Burj Khalifa since then you do not need a Metro while going there.

Metro – 26.4 eur

Metro connections are great in Dubai. You can go to the city directly from the airport and you can go from one part of Dubai to another quite easily. Just have in mind that a daily ticket is basically the same price as two single tickets, so if you want to travel at least 3 times a day – take a daily ticket and it works till midnight.

Activities – 21.84 eur

You can spend thousands of dollars on activities in Dubai. You can go to Camel Safari, take a car or Quad-bike to safari, you can take a yacht or a Helicopter, or even Lamborghini, you can do anything if you have money but if you don’t… There are still a bunch of things to do for free. The only tickets we bought were to EXPO 2020, and everything else was free, so what we did:

– Burj Khalifa show

– Fountains show – Marina Bay walk around

– Dubai Mall visit [aquarium, beautiful arabic hall, fancy brands area with sculptures]

All the others

Food in Dubai is not as expensive as you think. Prices in grocery stores are very similar to the average European countries, while in the restaurants, you can find whatever you want. However, you will see there are bunch of Arabic restaurants but at the same time bunch of European restaurants, so you can choose widely! p.s. The best Sim Card for the internet connection is – du. – 14 euros for 10 GB and it was more than enough

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