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What to see in highly underrated city – Seville

When someone talks about Spain, they usually mention Barcelona, Madrid, maybe Malaga or Valencia but Seville – never and it is very sad. When I heard it for the first time I wasn’t sure it was a city, maybe some little village somewhere between some of these cities but Sevilla is the city I would put way higher than all the others from the list.

It is safe [very important compared to some other Spanish cities], it is clean, it is warm or even too warm [in the summer] and it has a lot to offer. Yes, it is not close to the sea, but it has a river, yes it is not full of Gaudi buildings but it is full of buildings that look like they are directly from a movie…

Okay, not putting too much love and affection in the beginning, what to see in this wonderful city:

Plaza de Espana

First on the list and not without a reason… I still remember every moment from our visit to Plaza de Espana. It is like Venice and Paris had a baby in Spain 🙂

Plaza de España is a part of Parque de Maria Luisa. This park should probably go on this list as well but Plaza de Espana is definitely the main thing to see..

With small boats going through the canal, magical arches and famous 48 benches symbolising 48 Spain provinces. If you look directly to the main entrance, and then turn left, there are those stairs bringing you to the beautiful terrace, to see the view from the top – totally free.

Seville Cathedral

If all paths in Europe lead to Rome, then all paths in Seville lead to the Cathedral.

It is so big that you can’t take it into one photo and it is definitely worth seeing from the inside and out. Seville Cathedral is the 4th largest Cathedral in the world built exactly for the obvious reason – to show power and wealth.

Since Seville was conquered by both catholics and muslims, it was started to be built as a mosque, then changed to the cathedral, so you can still feel the elements coming from both religions.

Important fact – here you can find the tomb of Christopher Columbus !!

Big offer – buy tickets beforehand since the lines are big even during Covid times – https://www.catedraldesevilla.es/cultural-visit2/ 

La Giralda

As mentioned above Seville Cathedral has both – catholic and muslim elements, the same is with La Giralda – the main bell tower in the Cathedral.

It was all built as a minaret of the former mosque and then reconstructed to be a bell tower for a cathedral, so this is the main place where you feel the whole power of the two religions meeting.

You can come here with the same ticket as for Cathedral just have in mind that it is 35 “floors” tall!

The Alcazar of Seville

Have you been in Granada and visited Alhabra before? The real Alcazar of Seville is like a compact version of the previous so there are lots of opinions which one is better.

We visited Alhambra first, so it left a waaaaay better effect on us. Therefore, we haven’t put a lot of emotions on Alcazar but if you haven’t seen Alhambra, it is really worthy to see Alcazar since it brings the whole “wow” effect in every step.

El Garlochi

Yes, I know, it is a bar but damn, we have never seen anything like that before. While sitting and eating tapas with the locals and one of them asked : “Do you want to go to Jesus bar and drink their main drink – Blood of Christ” – we were shocked. It sounded too crazy to be real BUT it is!

The whole place is created from the parts of the church and the drinks are to the same topic so it is highly recommended to visit! Of course, have in mind that “Blood of Christ” is an enormously strong drink.


– Few nice places to eat — La Mala Brunch [amazing brunch] ; Lobo Lopez [huge menu for everyone]

– Do not go there in July it is around 40 degrees celsius! It is hot!!!

– You can walk more or less everywhere if you live in a city centre, so worth to have this in mind

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